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Pharmacist Training                                                                      

Training Evenings for Pharmacists


Who should attend:


ESSENTIAL for any pharmacist who works as the duty pharmacist in pharmacies delivering condom distribution services that has not previously attended condom distribution training.

ESSENTIAL for any pharmacist who works in pharmacies that deliver condom distribution services who has not attended training in the last 2 years

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for ALL pharmacists who work as the duty pharmacist in pharmacies delivering condom distribution as there are important updates regarding safeguarding, information governance, Child Sexual Exploitation and the Therapy Audit database.

OPTIONAL for pharmacists from pharmacies that do not currently deliver Come Correct and/or The Free Condom Project who would like to be begin delivering both of these services. (The Free Condom Project is now being rolled out to all pharmacies that deliver Come Correct that would also like to deliver the over 25 service)


When is the training?



Counter/dispensary staff:


- Refresher Training: For staff who have been on condom distribution scheme training in the past. We recommend this for all staff currently delivering either of the schemes as some procedures and guidance have recently been updated. MORE DETAILS HERE


- Introductory Training: For new staff who have never been trained. This is a 2 day joint training for Come Correct and The Free Condom Project and will enable counter/dispensary staff to deliver these schemes as part of their role. MORE DETAILS HERE