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For condom distribution it is considered good practice for trained workers to use the Fraser Guidelines when discussing personal or sexual matters with a young person under the age of 16. The Fraser Guidelines give guidance to workers in England and Wales on providing advice and treatment to young people under 16 years of age.


It is expected that Come Correct Hackney & the City professionals will assess all young people under the age of 16 to ensure they are competent in accordance with the Fraser Guidelines. 


The guidelines specify that sexual health services can be offered without parental consent providing that:


1.The young person understands the advice that is being given.


2.The young person cannot be persuaded to inform or seek support from their parents and will not allow the worker to inform the parents that contraceptive advice is being given.


3.The young person is likely to begin or continue having sexual intercourse with or without contraception.


4.The young person’s physical or mental health or both are likely to suffer unless they receive contraceptive advice or treatment.


5.It is in the young person’s best interest to receive contraceptive advice and treatment without parental consent.



1-3 condoms may be given to a young person who is not sexually active on an educational basis. In this case it is not necessary that they are deemed Fraser competent, when they become sexually active and access the scheme again their competence should then be reassessed.


If a young person is sexually active but you do not determine them to be Fraser competent then you should, as a matter of urgency refer them to their local clinical service, where possible you should accompany them or phone ahead to let the clinic know to expect this young person.

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