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2)Fraser Guidelines/Safeguarding


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Key Points

Flow Chart

If Under 13

If Under 18

If Under 16

If You Are Concerned

If Over 18


Come Correct in Hackney & the City is available to young people under the age of 25. Whilst there is no lower age limit for the scheme (there is no legal age for accessing condoms), we offer good practice guidelines to ensure young people receive the services and support they need.


Key Points:


  • CSE Questions/Information to be asked/given for all under 18s

  • Fraser guidelines Assessed for all under 16s

  • Make sure you understand protocol for under 13s

  • Make sure you know your safeguarding lead/policy/procedures

  • Vulnerable adults over 18 may also need safeguarding


Flow Chart


Use the below flow chart as step by step guide on the procedures to follow for different ages. (Click to enlarge)























Click here to download a printable PDF of this Flowchart

For pharmacies click here to download a pharmacy specific version of the flowchart



You must speak to your organisations’ Child Protection Lead regarding any young person under the age of 13 who is sexually active.


1.Young people under the age of 13 cannot lawfully consent to sexual activity. Where young people disclose that they are sexually active cases should be discussed with a nominated child protection lead and referred to children’s social services.


2.Professionals may lawfully provide advice and guidance to young people including those under the age of 13. If a young person under 13 wishes to access the c-card scheme please do the following (you will also be prompted to do this on the Therapy Audit online system)


  • Please register their details but do not give them a c-card (use the “other card” option and instead of ‘Card Number’, simply type ‘under13’ followed by the young persons initials eg. under13AB,. In the next update of the database a “no card issued button” will be available to simplify this process.)

  • Please ensure you have determined whether this young person is sexually active or not

  • If not sexually active, give them up to 3 condoms and signpost to a Sexual Health clinic for further information

  • If sexually active, in addition to the above, please speak to your child protection lead and refer to social services as directed by your child protection policy.

  • Always provide education around sexual health and signpost to a Sexual Health clinic for more information and advice. CHYPS+ would be ideal for a young person living in Hackney and their opening times can be found here:


For more information on the law on sex click here



At all registrations (when young people are under 18) young people should be given some information about Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).


1) In an upcoming update to Therapy Audit you will receive a prompt with the following points to be communicated verbally.



"We know that most young people have good relationships, however we do know that sometimes young people are pressured into sex, or given things in return for sex.  We want to make sure that you feel safe in your relationships.  If you’re worried about anything, you can talk to CHYPS+."



If you want to tell me anything now, that’s also fine and I will try to help find you the answers you need although I may need to tell or get help from someone else if I don’t know the answers or if I’m worried about your safety



There is a number and website that you can contact on the Come Correct leaflet that will be in the pack with your condoms. (This leaflet will be distributed to all outlets, you can also request them here)


IN ADDITIONOrganisations with more regular or specialist contact with young people (Sexual Health clinics, statutory and voluntary youth settings, housing organisations)


Where staff are in regular contact with the same young people, and have had some training in CSE, they should have access to the ‘spotting the signs’ proforma, and use this with any young people that they have any concerns about.  This should be stored securely with the knowledge of the young person, and noted on the c-card system that a ‘spotting the signs’ proforma has been filled out.


You can find more information & download the spotting the signs proforma here


2) The staff member should log on the data system that this has been discussed and signposting information given.


For more information about CSE click here



If a young person is under the age of 16 as well as being prompted to give information around CSE, you will be prompted on the registration page to discuss the Fraser Guidelines, their age will also be highlighted in red on the young person encounter section of the registration (where the number of condoms and topics discussed are also recorded).  You are able to continue registration and give them condoms, if you deem them to be Fraser Competent. Once you are satisfied you can continue the registration as usual.


For more information on the Fraser Guidelines Click Here



If you are concerned that any young person maybe at risk of harm professionals are advised to seek advice from their nominated child protection lead and refer to social services based on your Child Protection procedures.


Always attempt to get the young person’s consent in this process and involve them as much as possible. Inform the young person that you are concerned for their safety and will have to speak to someone in child protection services as they are under 13 and sexually active. Let them know to help with this process we will need to ask for further contact details. They may very well say no but attempt to get their name, address and contact number. Let them know that this is all just to make sure they are safe, and that you will need to take their contact details so they can follow up with them if needed.


Please contact Hackney First Response Team, Children’s Social Care on 020 8356 5500 for more information or to make a referral. For out of hours (5pm-9am) service, please contact the Emergency Duty Team on 020 8356 2710.


If you are based in The City please contact City of London Children’s Services team on 020 7332 1224/3621


Alternatively, you can call the NSPCC Child Protection helpline on 0808 800 5000 to discuss your concerns.


If you think a child is at risk of immediate harm, please contact the police by dialling 999.



The Care Act 2014 defines an adult at risk as a person who has care and support needs and is, or is at risk of, being abused or neglected and unable to protect themselves against the abuse or neglect or risk of it because of those needs.


If you are concerned about an adult who may be at risk please seek advice from your safeguarding lead and follow your adult safeguarding procedures.


More information and contact details for adult safeguarding can be found here

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