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1. Explaining Confidentiality & How The Scheme Works


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Data Protection

 Explaining How The Scheme Works




Come Correct & The Free Condom Project are both confidential schemes. It is important that all people accessing the schemes are made aware of what confidentiality means and when it can be breached before any personal information is discussed.


Our confidentiality statement is below which you may use and refer to however if your service has its own confidentiality statement and policy you should work within that.




Confidentiality means that


•we won’t tell anyone about your visit

•we will keep your records and information private


Trained staff from other access points will only access your information if you use your card there.


In exceptional circumstances, like if we believe you or someone else might be in serious danger, we may feel there is a need to pass information on.  Even if we do, we will always talk to you first. This applies to everyone, no matter what age they are, under 16s have the same right to confidentiality as everyone else


Key Points:


Explain at every registration


Have confidentiality statement up in consultation room/in outlet


Make sure that it is explained when confidentiality may be breached


Order Copies of Our Confidentiality Statements


Data Protection


Whilst discussing confidentiality it is also important to explain data protection. Whilst using the data system the following prompt will appear to help. All data recorded in conjunction with c-card must comply with Brook's       C-Card Information Governance agreement.


Your data is collected in line with the Data Protection act 1998.


This means that

-We will only use your personal data for the purposes of the condom distribution scheme.  By showing your card/asking for condoms at an outlet you give them permission to access the data necessary to give you further condoms

-Your data is kept on an extremely secure web server and not stored on the computer/laptop itself.  Paper records will be stored securely and shredded after being uploaded.  Only trained staff have access to register you.

-Anonymised data for the whole scheme (ie total numbers of different groups of young people accessing the scheme) will be used for reporting purposes and to target resources and funds appropriately.

-You have the right to access your own data.  If you wish to do this please contact

Please tick to confirm that you have discussed this with the young person and they have given consent.


Explaining How The Scheme Works


At this point it is important to make sure that the client knows exactly how the scheme works:


Key Points:


FREE condoms, female condoms, lube and dental Dams are all available through the schemes. (Once a week maximum)


If registering for Come Correct explain that it is available until they turn 25 (Although they may be eligible past 25 for The Free Condom Project if they fall within the target groups)


Come Correct is available across London in most boroughs, TFCP is available in Hackney & The City ONLY. Explain that they can use their card in any open access outlet.


Make sure they are aware of the relevant websites so they know how to find out where to go. There are publicity cards which can be given with this information which can be ordered here.












Come Correct also has an app available for IOS and Android from


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